Well it's been about 2 years since the last batch of donations funded this site. Looking for a little help from the OG's again. If you read back to the older post you will see that this forum contains memories from the time before kids and wife's. It would be great if we could let those memories live on in the digital era. Other wise say good by to Socal3g.com. What was once the largest car club in SoCal is all but 0's and 1's sitting on some sever in the cloud. Barley being accessed. I know we all creep the site. I would like to keep this site going and I could use your help.

Not only does this site contain our memories, it also contains our hard work. We, SoCal3g.com, pioneered many of the mods that are still being preformed today. Not to mention all the prototyping submitted our cars to. We lead the charge! We posted the how to's. Lets not let our hard work die.

We all have real jobs now and a steady incomes. Pitch in a 20 dolla bill and help keep us alive.

Message me, or post up and I"ll tell you where to send the monies. Just a 20 is all SoCal3g.com is asking.